Internap CDN Powers Jolokia’s Streaming Events

The Challenge of Enterprise Video Streaming

Jolokia provides a number of Internet-based services, including video delivery. We require a world-class content delivery network (CDN) to handle the HD video streams from our Inferno content syndication and publishing system and our other customized video solutions. However, guaranteeing the delivery of these high-quality videos to our enterprise customers around the globe also requires world-class customer service.

Choosing our CDN provider meant more than examining who had the most servers or who claimed the most capacity. (It doesn’t matter how many servers you have or what kind of massive capacity you claim if it’s impossible to get support.) We found working with Internap's technical team to be a refreshing experience, which was key in determining our choice of partner. Their first-tier technicians have more mojo than most third-tier techs. We had extensive experience with Internap’s Performance IP traffic manager support before jumping in with their CDN. Internap provides the same top-notch customer support for both.

Record-Breaking Achievements

Since our founding, Jolokia has continually added events that broke our internal records. Our first 10,000-user event was exciting. A year later we did an event with nearly 120,000. Less than a year after that we hit our current record of more than 600,000 viewers for a single event. Breaking that record is not going to be easy, but simply having such a record sets us well apart from most others. To ensure an event of that size goes off without a hitch, and to reassure the customer that their event will go as planned, is no easy task. Internap joined us on key calls with the customer and had one of their top-tier CDN technicians join us on the tech line during the actual event. Other CDN providers we’ve worked with scoffed at the idea that they should partner with us in reassuring the customer.

Internap’s delivery network is built on its patented MIRO technology, a sophisticated border gateway protocol peering scheme. In addition, Internap has a layered IP acceleration technology that helps alleviate three TCP design deficiencies that raised their ugly heads as our networks became vastly superior to those on which TCP was originally designed to run.

Global Distribution Without Breaking the Bank

Using both Internap’s CDN and Performance IP service, we at Jolokia have been able to reduce our costs by avoiding the need to open expensive data centers all over the globe. Our flagship customizable video platform, Inferno, relies on these techniques to deliver both its API and HD-quality videos into the enterprise, where other solutions have been unable to perform.
By partnering closely with Internap, Jolokia has been able to achieve the level of support we would expect to perform had we developed these services in-house. This is very important to us as we field the support calls from our customers. Being able to rely on and trust our CDN partner, their network and their support has made this level of service to our customers possible and allowed us focus on our core products.