8 Easy Steps to Interactive Video Surveys

chalk drawing of stick person climbing stairs

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make an interactive video survey. It’s a creative process as well as a profitable strategy for your business, so enjoy the ride and have fun.

  • 1. Create or Download Stock Video.

    Keep it 3 minutes or less. Aretha Franklin’s Respect is well under three minutes, so magic can be had in 180 seconds.

  • 2. Write Your Survey.

    Content is your love letter to your customers and is instrumental in getting them to click. What is your goal for the survey? Use resources to write the best questions.

  • 3. Put Together the Survey.

    Use a platform such as Jolokia’s Inferno to make your customer satisfaction survey interactive and engaging by adding captions, quizzing, and reporting.

  • 4. Use Colorful Imagery.

    Use imagery that pertains to your survey questions. A colorful image is visually appealing and will get the attention of survey takers, not only with color but with movement. Our eyes find this hard to resist.

  • Inferno screenshot of interactive video survey question

  • 5. Launch Your Interactive Video Survey.

    So far, so good! You have your interactive video and survey questions, so now it’s time to share. It’s easy to launch to either your existing customer database or on social media. This would be a good place to “reward” your survey takers with a little something from you. Maybe they get a one-page infographic on the benefits of nutrition that includes your contact information. Working from social media with your interactive video survey could net you a few rewards as well as increasing market exposure, continued branding, educating new customers as to your offerings, and general goodwill for your hospital.

  • 6. Relax.

    Eat a cookie. Wait for responses to pile in and keep track of how many.

  • 7. Track Responses.

    Tracking responses is easy since you will have a single-sign-on by sending the interactive video survey directly to your customer base. If launching on social media, you can have them give you an email to take the survey. You’ll be able to track responses and use the data to make your business better.

    Inferno screenshot of interactive video survey answers

    Using this data, you can focus your marketing efforts on targeted messages. Knowing what your patients and clients will respond to increases your chance of achievement of a positive message.

  • 8. Repeat.

    Send more video surveys to build your base and grow customer satisfaction. Use the results of your previous surveys to tweak and improve your future ones for more success.

Here’s to getting your clients to tell you what they like.

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