Jolokia Releases Inferno 2.0

Inferno logo

And our cloud-based streaming video platform is HOT!, a leading enterprise video platform provider, today announces the release of the world’s most comprehensive Cognitive and Interactive Video streaming platform. Inferno 2.0 is a next generation video platform that integrates webcasting with applied artificial intelligence enriching videos cognitively for search and discovery. Interactive features can then be added to these videos enhancing engagement and value. Wrap this with integrated corporate security and Jolokia’s award winning white glove customer service and you have the perfect product to deliver superior video experiences.

John Mitchell, Vice President of Development for Jolokia, states, “Inferno 2.0’s microservice architecture allowed us to realize our goal of a modern modular platform. Using our loosely coupled design we are able to create new Interactive and Applied Artificial Intelligence features simply.”

With the release of Inferno 2.0, Jolokia is positioned for significant growth in the enterprise market starting in Q4 2018. Inferno is a cloud based cognitive and interactive SaaS video platform for the enterprise. Its robust feature set includes closed captions with cognitive search and discovery, device independence, secure multi-CDN delivery, interactive Q&A, in stream quizzing, testing and certification. Inferno 2.0 is the best solution on the market for video training, corporate communications and marketing.

Mark Pace, co-founder and CTO of Jolokia adds, “I'm stoked on Inferno 2.0! You got that, stoked. Why? The last few years have really shown the value of the live to on-demand workflow as more and more customers become comfortable with it. Inferno's new cognitive features bring search and discovery to content that would have previously gone unused. Our customers are seeing new value in old assets as they become searchable and vast potential in new assets as they begin their journey as part of the semantic web”.

To learn more about Inferno 2.0 check out the data sheet here.

Jolokia is an online video service provider whose product, Inferno, supports clients that require integration with enterprise systems, custom workflow, cognitive search and discovery, interactive features and secure multi-CDN streaming in front of and behind the firewall. Jolokia has been providing top products and service in the video streaming space for over ten years.