Why a Video Strategy is Crucial for the Healthcare Industry

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Physicians, nurses, pharmaceutical and medical device sales reps, hospitals and clinics take note! Using video as a part of your workflow can save money and create more engagement with your product and your consumers. If you are cutting corners on your video streaming, or worse yet, neglecting it all together, you will be leaving money on the table.

When it comes to the multi-billion dollar healthcare industry, it should never be overlooked that most facets of it need to have Secure, Interactive and Cognitive video. Whether for seminars, operations, demos, training, conferences and events, continuing education or marketing for pharmaceuticals, equipment or any of a number of other important use cases, Jolokia delivers the best in enterprise video for the healthcare industry.

Our signature product is our cloud based video platform which we affectionately call Inferno, in keeping up with our company name Jolokia, THE hottest naturally occurring chili pepper on the planet. Our custom video workflow is different from all the rest as we do not buy into the “one size fits all” methodology of most video streaming companies. Inferno’s loosely coupled modular architecture can be dynamically rearranged to satisfy any workflow. Many enterprises and organizations need high-end flexible live streaming and secure HD video. Inferno delivers all this, and in addition adds numerous rich interactive and cognitive features.

Companies that use video for continuing education and staff training benefit the most with Inferno. Not only does our platform support creation, publication, hosting and testing for video-driven training, but we also support certification and continuing education courseware in the medical field. We provide the tools and the people to help build robust libraries to meet a wide variety of needs with continuing education. And when you are done, we provide semantic search for all video to allow for excellent search and discovery of existing assets. Include in-stream quizzing with your video to increase engagement and learning and get immediate feedback with polling and Q&A features in real time from all of your viewers worldwide. Interact in real time with your constituents at your next staff meeting.

Physician curated videos are perfect for your patients. Medical professionals can create, and select specific videos that are personalized to specific patient needs. For instance, a patient with a broken arm or a torn ligament may get five videos from his physician over a two-month time period. Personalized videos and pre-recorded videos including exercises and therapy on a schedule can all be stored in a secure patient portal.

When it comes to product training and sales, Jolokia can equip your representatives with the best product training for the most reasonable pricing. No more flying everyone in for product training classes. Medical devices and pharmaceuticals are complex, demanding strong and consistent product sales training. Jolokia provides the tools to capture live training and turn it into on-demand testable assets that can be used over and over. When you include testing and in-stream quizzing with your videos, you can increase engagement and learning. This leads to more consumer trust, more confident sales reps, and additional sales.

Business conferences, educational seminars, special luncheons or any other significant event ranging from an awards ceremony to a golf outing and everything in between: Jolokia can provide the live-streaming platform that will make everyone feel like they are at the event! Live or on demand for later viewing, Jolokia has the connections and technical expertise to make your next medical event whether business or pleasure, a much more memorable one. Jolokia can also ensure your video stream is working on every device including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Let Inferno take your video to the next level. Jolokia is the right solution for the healthcare industry.