Are You Streaming Video Yet?

Video has quickly become one of the most efficient and effective communications and marketing tools in every company's arsenal. By helping businesses, brands and events to simultaneously maximize exposure, streamline the sales cycle, increase interest and enhance retention, video is able to drive engagement and create better ROI.

And, while creating and delivering video used to be a challenge for even the most sophisticated marketing professional, it really has gotten a lot easier to capture, edit and share content to any device at almost any bandwidth. What really separates video content marketing from the alternatives, though, is its flexibility - made all the more evident by the number of ways in which today's content can enhance end user engagement and their overall brand experience.

By combining the simple and powerful experience we've come to expect from video with the privacy, control and customization required, video can provide a marketing team with unparalleled engagement, customer information, security and control.

First, some facts*:

  • +64% - Increase in likelihood that a target will engage after watching a video.
  • +300% - The average click through rate increase when video is included in an email.
  • +80% - Increase in conversion when video is used on a landing page.
  • +64% - Brands that use online video in their marketing.

Video technology is evolving rapidly, meaning marketing and communications best practices don't look the same for very long - and the streaming technologies are evolving even more rapidly than that. But the principles of what makes video so powerful are unlikely to change anytime soon so check out Ready to get streaming? Here are 6 quick-tips for getting your video into the browsers of your audience! to discover a few of the things we've learned from our clients over the years.

* Coach Anne Devito's Elite 3%

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