Inferno 2.0 is here!

Inferno 2.0 is here! With it comes all the live and on demand video features you’ve come to expect from Inferno along with exciting new cognitive and interactive features that start realizing the semantic web. Check out the Inferno 2.0 data sheet here.

Inferno analyzes every live and on demand video -- No extra steps needed, not even a button press. Unlike the competition, this cognitive analysis isn’t a bolt-on afterthought or some multi-vendor integration. This provides accessible captions for the hearing impaired and for environments inconducive to listening. The captions provide deep searching and the ability to just jump straight to the pertinent section of the video. Natural language processing and automated speech to text are utilized to help search across and within videos in a way that was not possible just a short time ago. Semantic understanding is applied to the videos to categorize and conceptually understand the topics and the timeline.

Inferno 2.0 Search

As always, live video takes a prominent place in Inferno. The Live to On-Demand Video Workflow is the most common one among Inferno customers. New Inferno 2.0 features continue live video’s prominence in the platform. Multi-CDN features have been enhanced bringing more control of the CDN(s) into easy view on every live event. New Inferno live and on-demand origin services are bringing MPEG-DASH services online as the industry moves in that direction. These origin services also bridge the gap by providing HLS until DASH is fully realized. Top that off with new encryption options that promise the ability to use DRM from the platform simply with the click of a button.

Inferno continues to provide interaction with users via Moderated Q&A and Presenter services. These features are now easily accessed from the user or administrative interfaces allowing moderators and presenters alike quick access via an event to the Q&A and Presenter panels. In the coming months, in-stream quizzing for both live and on-demand events will appear along-side of decision points and branching allowing for the experience to take a path based on the selections of the viewer.

Inferno 2.0 is a ground-up redesign and re-write of the entire Inferno platform. The system replaces an old monolithic design with a new micro-service architecture that runs everything natively in containers on top of a container management platform. The new design allows us to bring new services online rapidly without major modifications to core components. The entire system is loosely coupled allowing customers access to the API; any feature visible on the website are available via API allowing for deep integrations with new and existing systems.

Once inside Inferno 2.0 you will notice the all responsive, all HTML5 design. Both for the consumer and the administrator, everything from the videos on up works on any mobile or desktop device. No plugins, no applications to download, only a web browser needed. The new semantic search is easily accessed on every page and lets you dig into videos and jump straight to the section you are interested in. As we add more semantic features, look to see detailed categorization based on semantic discovery allowing search based on the concepts involved in the video.

Inferno 2.0 Caption Editor

All the semantic understanding, search, and categorization wouldn’t be that helpful without caption editing abilities. In addition to the direct/bulk editing method for captions, Inferno 2.0 also provides a world class Caption Editor that allows you to watch the video and simply edit captions as the video moves along. After cognitive analysis is complete on a video, it is common to go back and edit phrases or spellings. The Caption Editor allows you to follow along and quickly edit the captions as you are watching the video. This can also be used to easily create captions on a video that does not have them yet, if manual Captioning is preferred. There is also an A/B Caption editor that helps easily create translations based on existing captions.

An integration with our partner VoiceVibes is available that allows you to analyze and improve your speaking abilities. Check out our blog on VoiceVibes here. Using this, employees and managers can work to improve their pitches and presentations. The results of the VoiceVibes analysis then becomes simply another report available on that particular piece of content.

Coming soon, as discussed, are more interactive features and deeper cognitive analysis. The new architecture and all the setup work to bring Inferno 2.0 to you is going to help lead the way in quickly adding new features. The semantic web is on its way with Inferno!