INFERNO Your Campaign!

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It’s election season again. In fact, in today’s climate, it seems to ALWAYS be election season.

All political candidates aspire to create and control the messages and content that gets distributed to their constituents. There is no better way to do this than online video. Live video allows the candidate to communicate securely, authentically, with interaction -- and reach the users where they live on their mobile device, tablet or computer. Recorded messages can have a greater impact if you use interaction to increase engagement.

How can Jolokia help?

Since 2008, has innovated again and again the world’s best customized solution for live video streaming. Our most recent offering, Inferno 2.0, has all the features needed to pump a political campaign into overdrive. If you want your campaign to heat up, apply some Inferno to it!

Why Jolokia and why live streaming?

Many of your competitors out there don’t understand the extremely high value of a solid video message. To truly connect with your audience, video, and in particular -- live streaming video -- is the key. The Jolokia team are experts at Internet based video. Whether you plan to give highly produced town hall meetings, or simply a Q&A chat from the comfort of your living room (or anything in between), by putting together a video message that resonates, you will win ground. In this day and age, there are so many tools at your disposal when using live and recorded video. Working with Jolokia and interacting directly with your team and the public, will often make the difference for the better.

Top Reasons Campaigns Need Live Streaming

Sharing live video broadcasts opens the door to connecting with your community in a whole new way, making your brand more real, more relatable and more accessible. Whether streaming an election speech, a town hall, or a fireside chat, you can reach people where they are, on the devices they have on hand, in high definition video, all in a secure format.

1) Instant Audience.

By replicating your stream to social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you tap into your existing audience to ensure high levels of viewership for your broadcast, and open the door to substantially increasing your audience.

2) Mobile Reach.

Reach people wherever they happen to be, regardless of device or operating system. In addition to being interactive, INFERNO is adaptive and cognitive and so is our technology. Anywhere in the world, any device -- Jolokia will push your message through.

3) Cord cutters.

Millions of Americans are cutting the cord on their TVs and landlines, depending on sites such as Twitter and Facebook and other forms of social media and news sites for news and information. Reach people in their living rooms, offices and during their commutes when live TV is not available.

4) Control of Message.

Avoid those “gotcha" moments that live TV can bring by fully managing your broadcast, including the interviewer, panel of voters or remote guests via video teleconference. While these can be amusing to watch, it’s the last thing you need while trying to build your image. With INFERNO, you are in complete control and will be gaffe-free… technically at least. What you say is up to you.

5) Shelf life.

Rebroadcast successful live streams or make them available on demand for your constituents that were not able to see the live broadcast. Quickly and easily create topic-based playlists that deep link into your video library to shed light on a particular viewpoint or discussion. Managing all of this in your admin panel is a snap.

6) Interactivity.

Engage your viewers with live polling, live Q&A, remote video feeds and anything that can involve a moderator. And this can all be done seamlessly without disrupting your video stream. Imagine how gratified your viewers will be when they can speak to you directly, regardless of where they are! Interactivity breeds accessibility.

7) Cost of Distribution.

Streaming live on the Internet costs pennies compared to traditional television advertising, and with little restrictions on length of message, time of broadcast and content of your message. You can actually SAVE money with Jolokia AND reach a larger audience.

8) Analytics.

Instead of relying on estimates or market share, live streaming video gives you the ability to track viewers in real time: how many online, location, duration of time viewed and any statistic you may need that you can get all your viewers to register with. You can generate statistics, and get geos and metrics of every single viewer that taps in to your stream and how long they stayed engaged. Imagine knowing if and when your audience leaves during your webcast and knowing why? With INFERNO, you can do that and so much more.

When you are ready to kickstart your video streaming message, whether it be live or on-demand, let Jolokia do the heavy lifting for you. It’s your time to shine as a candidate and focus intently on what’s important to you: energizing your base and building trust among your long time and new supporters, and Jolokia will help you all along the way with our signature white glove service and a customized platform that focuses on YOUR brand, not ours.

So, INFERNO your campaign and let’s get the ball rolling by showing you a free demo of how our platform works. Contact us today!