Interactive Survey Videos: The Key to Consumer Insights

man using tablet to take an interactive video survey

Did you know that video content is among the most engaging content on social media?

We are clicking on video over 5 billion times a day on YouTube alone, and Facebook counts 100 million hours of video a day. We love the charge our brain gets with the flurry of images.

Your customers love video, but what about customer surveys? As marketers, we love them because they get into the minds of our customers, providing us with data we can use to better appeal to them and their needs. But is there a middle ground? Is there an easy and engaging solution that gets marketers and customers what they want?

The answer is interactive video surveys.

What are interactive video surveys? How do they both gather what you need from your audience and delight them? Well, keep reading, and we’ll tell you. What Are Interactive Survey Videos?

Interactive video serves up the ability to ask questions, track responses, caption text, including captioning in dozens of other languages, search options, and certification (a.k.a. award/reward). All of this is under your branding so, you are staying top-of-mind.

Making videos is simple with today’s devices, and there are also several stock video services as well. If you are originating your own video, storyboard your scenes and keep it three minutes or less. Ask five or fewer questions. Being respectful of the survey takers’ time will net you better results.

Let’s say you are a hospital and are looking to increase your brand with a nutritional wellness program. You are about to launch a new marketing campaign and want to gauge your customer’s interest in nutrition. Your interactive video will have only your branding and colorful images to get their attention. If you have a terrific spokesperson, have them immediately thank the viewer for watching and then ask for help in the form of taking the survey. Make your customers feel special and needed, and that will increase your response rate. Take advantage of social reciprocity and offer something upfront in addition to your gratitude. Perhaps a free health analysis or a nutritional infographic will be well received. The point is to generate a response from your client.

But Will My Consumers Respond?

When customers are motivated appropriately, you’ll see a higher response, and therefore a more significant contribution.

Learning Management Systems, or “LMS,” which tracks and delivers learning and development opportunities in the corporate sector, has been running towards interactive video because studies repeatedly show that engagement increases with interactivity. What’s more, the most popular type of video to watch is product review videos . This fares well for you as it shows customers are interested in your business if you give them a good reason. Your customers want to tell you what they like and don’t like so you might as well make it easy for them.

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