Jolokia Represents The Arnold Sports Festival

guy holding phone with video of fitness workout

The Midwest Affiliate Gathering, a three-day competition created by CrossFit Endeavor at The Arnold Sports Festival was held in March in Columbus, Ohio, and was enjoyed on-location as well as around the globe via live streaming. Featuring hundreds of competitions, The Arnold is one of the world's largest sports festivals, mostly known for its bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting events. This year, Jolokia was a proud affiliate of The Arnold and sponsor of CrossFit Endeavor, the gym behind the design and execution of the Midwest Affiliate Gathering event.

Live video streaming of the three days of competition went direct from the location to anyone watching via the links provided. Many who could not attend the Expo, were able to get a firsthand uninterrupted look at all the excitement as it unfolded. In conjunction with CrossFit Endeavor, Jolokia handled live streaming of the Midwest Affiliate Gathering, reaching upwards of 3,700 live streamed viewers simultaneously.

Jolokia Co-Founder and CTO Mark Pace states, "We thoroughly enjoy participating in events like The Arnold. Teaming up with CrossFit Endeavor has allowed us to flex our technical muscle and provide HD live streaming for professional sporting events; viewable on all platforms. We look forward to bulking up our coverage of future events given this year's success." With many athletic competitions, this year's festival featured more than 900 booths offering all of the latest and greatest in sports equipment, fitness gear, apparel and nutrition, as well as stages that hosted unique, non-stop competitions and entertainment ranging from swimming and strongman to jump rope and disc golf and everything in between. Jolokia "will be back".