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6 quick tips

Here are 6 quick-tips for getting your video into the browsers of your audience!

  • Provide a wide variety of content for your target audience. From tutorials and how-to's, behind the scenes, interviews, live web-casts, on-demand, testimonials and more, your audience is looking for more than talking heads. Make it fun and engaging and informative!

  • Make it Mobile! The ever-increasing functionality of mobile technology means video streaming to any device isn't nearly as difficult as it once was. By partnering with a video streaming platform that has experience providing a variety of stream options (both live and on-demand), you can serve your content from anywhere to any where from the desktop, to the laptop, to tablets to the phone and more.

  • Do more than just stream video. A modern and fully integrated video streaming platform will give you the ability to conduct polling, Q&A and more interactive capabilities from directly within the video player window. If you've got a variety of videos, we can make them easily available with the click of a button. Don't frustrate your audience by making them hunt for your content in multiple windows or on multiple platforms. It should all be contained within a single frame, easily accessible with obvious functionality.

  • Know what your audience is doing and know what they want. Engagement is still considered by many to be a somewhat abstract measurement which means it's crucial to be able to demonstrate the value of the content you're providing. And, since analytics isn't just a buzz word any more, you really need to know when your videos are being watched, by whom and for how long and how they're interacting with it. Do people always stop watching at the same place? Do they bounce from one video to the next? If youâ're providing training videos are you helping your audience validate what they learned and then provide them easy access to a certificate verifying their training? There's more to video than just streaming it; be sure you've got what's needed to keep your audience engaged.

  • Make it secure and make security easy. Every video isn't intended for everyone. In some cases, your video is a revenue source meant only for paying viewers. In others, the information is so valuable you want to keep competitors out and in some instances, the safety of the world depends on the security of the delivery. Regardless of the security your video requires, it shouldn't require you to engage a cryptographic engineer to get it. From single sign-on, to unique password delivery to IP segmentation and more, the video platform you select needs to have security built in, from the ground up, and it should be easy to use without an advanced degree.

  • Video shouldn't be an IT project and it doesn't have to be. Most video projects are time sensitive. It's not like you have months to plan and then months to execute. That's why so many video projects are so expensive because it's either a rush, or, it takes the IT department turning back flips just to get the video up and running. That's why easy-to-use video streaming platforms are important in today's environment. A SaaS, cloud-based video streaming platform will let you load the video, click a few buttons and provide you with everything necessary to make it available within minutes rather than weeks.

Finally, the most important aspect of any technology, is the people standing behind it. At Jolokia, excellence is our only standard. That's why our white-glove service is as important as any of our tools or other capabilities. From 1-800 phone support, to 24/7 technical assistance and an in-house team of developers who can turn any dream into a reality, our Inferno platform is fast becoming the standard for live and on-demand streaming video.

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