Virtual Conference

Virtual Conferences or Trade Shows. Stay connected and enable your customers to roam freely in the digital worlds.

Virtual Conferences, trade show, corporate, networking events - Internal or External. You can reach unlimited numbers with the Inferno platform. Inferno is the perfect mix of scalable state-of-the-art video streaming, interactive video features, online training, 100% personalization, a registration system and so much more.

Jolokia provides the tools to allow you to host and record virtual conferences, as well as virtual vendor booths with live and on-demand content. Our Inferno platform gives you the ability to provide person to person networking in a virtual world, saving time and helping finances as the online world opens up all new avenues of training and workshops.

Health Care

A live, secure, cognitive, interactive video platform for the Healthcare industry.

Create videos that can be used for continuing education credits. HIPAA compliant, Inferno can be used to educate partners, consumers and employees of new product releases, and train stakeholders.

Jolokia provides the tools to capture live training and turn it into on-demand testable assets that can be used over and over. In-stream quizzing, testing and certification increases engagement and learning. Inferno provides semantic search for all videos to allow for excellent search and discovery of existing repository assets.

Learning, Development and Communications

A Next Generation Video Learning Experience Platform

Welcome to Inferno: A live, interactive, video platform, augmented by elements of applied AI. Inferno uses artificial intelligence, interactive media and the power of live video to a tackle the problems facing the enterprises that use video for training, corporate communications and marketing. Our clients have had a monumental impact on the development of Inferno, we have worked hard to design a video learning experience platform that exceeds all of their needs.

I want my viewers to pay attention to the content we produce and stream.

Content that does not engage, teaches nothing. Video training doesn't have to be boring. With Inferno, content engagement is dramatically improved with interactive features. Engagement lowers training costs and increases the effectiveness of the training. Viewers stay engaged with interactive features like in-stream quizzing and polling that can expand to branched learning trees.

I want my users to be able to find the content we create.

Traditional enterprise video is “Dark Data”. Make your corporate video content searchable and always find what you are looking for. AI provides cognitive analysis of all videos enabling easy searching across assets in the platform. Reuse and repurpose content that you already own and avoid the cost and time of recreation.

I want to do live training simply and effortlessly.

Sharing live video has never been easier. Use live video to support enterprise training initiatives. Inferno's moderated Q&A and polling enhance your live video broadcasts. Effortlessly stream your secure live video and convert it to a captioned on demand asset that can be searched and accessed for later viewing.

I want my users to get personalized video for their job and situation.

Give them the exact training they need, when they need it. Inferno's one size fits all video platform offers personalized video at scale. Tailor categories and curated content playlists to realize individual user's needs. Your customizable video portal ties into company SSO, providing users with authorized access to personalized training materials.

I want my users to get certified and I want that tracked.

Test and certify your employees using the interactive features of Inferno. Packaged to be integrated with your current LMS, our platform allows employees and partners to be tested and certified from anywhere on any device using your branded learning portal.

Add streaming video to your offering

Generate extra revenue and margin by including streaming video into your portfolio. Our platform is highly scalable, multi-tenant and customizable to your look and feel.


Jolokia's Cloud based Streaming Video platform - we call it Inferno - is great for Unified Communication providers who would like to extend their service offering to streaming video. Using our white-labeled platform guarantees a short time-to-market without the obstacles of scalability, infrastructure cost and interoperability. As a partner you will be able to create additional revenue without making any capital expenditures.

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What We Offer You

  • Knowledge: Jolokia has proven, proprietary streaming video technology, built on years of experience which you can take advantage of
  • Multi-tenant: you are able to provision and manage multiple customers in an easy way
  • Customization: we designed and own the platform so we are able to modify and integrate it to your specific needs
  • Branding: we will brand the platform to your look and feel
  • Support: customer care is our key driver; your success is our success and we will work closely with you to make it happen
  • Low cost: the platform is highly scalable and offers attractive pricing
  • Extra revenue and margin: generate extra revenue and margin with little upfront cost


Sometimes your customers may require a full service webcast or they may be in need of streaming video consulting. We work frequently for all kinds of providers in the Telecom, UC, IT and Video conferencing space. You may either send us to your customers as an independent 3rd party of we can be an extended part of your own team.

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