07 Nov

Human Curation vs A.I.

robot hand using laptop keyboard
Jolokia and Common Caches have integrated their video-focused offerings, Inferno, and Media Share, respectively, to provide the creators and organizers of content with a broad set of tools and capabilities to curate, enrichment, and deliver content to audiences anywhere and of any size. This combination of automation and human curation is the perfect match of technology and human expertise.
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17 Sep

Jolokia & VoiceVibes Partner to Bring the Power of AI to Video Based Sales Training

VoiceVibes logo
Jolokia and VoiceVibes have gotten together to integrate VoiceVibes into the Inferno platform. VoiceVibes analyzes your speech patterns and scores you on a number of metrics. Using patented algorithms, the system listens to your presentation and then provides a report detailing your performance. The system evaluates attributes of your performance such as clarity, strength of opening, volume, pace, pausing, upspeak, and then positive and negative vibes. Combined these give you an accurate view into your performance and enough granularity to allow you to specifically focus on areas of improvement.
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02 May

AI Ate My Assets -- Video at 11

Robot newscaster reporting on Elon's SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s boosters
Algorithms are worthless without data to apply them to and companies have been throwing away 80% of their video data, according to Gartner, simply to save on storage costs. This is understandable if you think of these assets as having no lasting value. But they do have value – value that is unlocked by applying AI.
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